Engaged and compassionate mind body clinical services to effectively manage stress, relationships, trauma, pain and insomnia
Ed Glauser, LPC
Owner and Principal 
Mind Body Medicine Network, LLC


Experience relief from pain, sleep, trauma and stress issues through mind body self-regulation approaches that are getting in the way of feeling better and enjoying life

Our programs are highly interactive and provide close-knit interaction between presenters and participants from around the world 

Practical Mind Body Medicine evidenced-based strategies to put to immediate use with all of your clients and patients

Continuing education units for professionals offered for select mind body medicine programs and trainings

Be a part of a global mind body medicine network through programs, trainings and the FREE MBMN Listserv for professionals and the lay public to stay connected with each other throughout the year

A perfect balance of FREE and Cost-Effective Educational and Professional Development Mind Body Medicine programs

Comprehensive and Effective Mind Body Medicine Clinical Services face to face and on-line from a Master Practitioner Certified in Mind Body Medicine 

*   Our MBMN Advisory Board is available for grants, workshops, conferences. media presentations and consultative services
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Using Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Approaches for Insomnia with Jason Ong, Ph.D.. Click to watch at  http://youtu.be/MMkykVP_dqc

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Licensed Professional Counseling with 
Ed Glauser, M.Ed., N.C.C., LPC (New for 2015: Counseling sessions held in office and online through video conferencing), For More info about my Online Counseling: Click HERE....To register for Online Counseling, Click HERE

Unlearn Your Pain, Stress & Trauma                          

A Mind Body Behavioral Pain, Stress and Trauma Management program for anyone experiencing pain and distress from various medical and psychological conditions. Participants will unlearn their pain, stress and trauma through an interactive, informative and reflective program pioneered by Howard Schubiner, MD from his book "Unlearn Your Pain."  Dr. Schubiner, cited over the last decade as one of the best physicians in the US has trained Mr. Glauser to facilitate this program.  Through journaling exercises, mindfulness-based meditations, clinical hypnosis, information on self-regulating pain and distress, and affective release dialogue with one's medical and psychological pain, participants will be able to learn and apply the skills to Unlearn Pain.   For more information, please email info@mindbodymedicinenetwork.com or call 706-202-3590. 

Mindful Dream Practice (MDP)

Ed Glauser, LPC and Ann Glauser, Ph.D. presented a CE workshop on Mindful Dream Practice at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA this past summer.  Mindful Dream Practice and behavioral sleep health for insomnia counseling sessions are available with Mr. Glauser and include evening and weekend counseling sessions.  See Clinical Services tab for more information.